Elementary and Middle School Resources


Science and the Sounds of Music: This lesson develops many of the principals of sound in a musical context. Instructions on how to make instruments such as drinking straw pan flutes, drinking straw oboes, box guitars and ice cream pail drums are provided.



Middle and High School Resources


McGyver Science-Operation Humpty DumptyMcgyver: Student teams of four are presented with a scenario and challenged to rescue the eggs from a display pedestal suspended in the middle of a four metre square pit of “concentrated sulphuric acid.”





Resources for All Grade Levels


A Chilling Experience- Ice Cream and Changes in State: This lesson develops many of the principles of phase changes and energy while students make ice cream at their desks. A very popular activity that tastes great!


Stark Raven Mad About Science: This booklet containsStark Raven

demonstrations related to Earth, water and air (fire demonstrations can be found in “Science with a Bang!”). Instructions as well as safety pointers are provided for each demonstration.


Science on a Shoestring: This booklet contains some popular demonstrations that can be reproduced in your classroom with some readily available materials.


What’s Your Theory: TWhats your theoryhis booklet deals with the process of science inquiry through student-generated questions and experiments. In particular, it provides the necessary templates and examples to “What’s Your Theory” into any classroom. The demonstrations included are intended to spark curiosity and lead students down the path of inquiry.