Here are the details outlining the 2013 SET Challenge and other great contests you can run in your school during the month of October to promote Science, Engineering and Technology for this year’s theme of “Outer Space.”

National Science and Technology Week (October 18 to 27):

National Science and Technology Week runs from October 18 to October 27. To help celebrate this event KSEC will be running science, engineering and technology themed activities throughout the month of October. Below is a link to the National Science and Technology Week website that has great resources on careers and various activities in the field. Feel free to run your own themed activity such as space bingo or a poster contest with this year’s theme of “outer space” in your classroom, school or community! We would love to hear about them!

SET Challenge:

This year’s theme is “Outer Space.” Attached is a booklet that comprises rocket themed activities for each grade level. Most supplies can be obtained in your community (e.g. straws, tape, plasticine, 2L pop bottles etc.). I have ordered film canisters for the grade 6-7 challenge. I am not expecting these to arrive in Rankin until the end of the month so I will either (a) mail them out when I receive them OR  (b) send them along with the students from your school who are attending the trade show. If your community does not have alkaseltzer tablets please let me know asap (September 26th at the latest) so I can order some for you. These are typically found at the pharmacy in the Northern

For this challenge we also have a number of items that can be used for prizes include:

  • Certificate Template: Attached in this email. Just print it out and fill in each student’s name. Feel free to alter this to fit the awards you would like to hand out (e.g. first place, most creative etc.)
  • T-Shirts: Each school will receive 75 promotional t-shirts donated by the North West Company. These will be delivered to the Northern in each community (likely around the middle of October). The t-shirts for Whale Cove will be shipped to your school via Rankin Inlet. Since the Northern Store has come on board this year in supporting this event it would be great to include 1-2 of their staff members in this event (e.g. handing out awards, judging etc.). 
  • Medals: The Northern Store has also ordered medals for award winners as well. These will also be delivered to the Northern around the middle of October 

***During this event be sure to take lots of photos. Please send be 5-6 photos from the event at your school.

3. Outer Space Trivia Challenge:

Throughout the month of October we will be holding a school wide “Outer Space” trivia challenge. Each day students will hear a fact about our Solar System/Space. On the following day students will be given a question based on the previous day’s fact. Correct answers will be entered into a draw for a Canadian Space Agency gift pack. These gift packs just arrived and include pens, posters, sticker etc. Facts, questions and answers have been provided. Suggestions for setting this contest up as well as ballots are also attached in this email. 


Tomatosphere is an educational outreach project that reaches over 14, 300 classrooms across Canada and the United States. Classes receive two packages of Heinz tomato seeds, with approximately 40 seeds in each package, labeled “G” and “W.” One set of seeds have been “primed” while the other has not (you will not know which is which). Classes then record the various data required. Upon completion students share information with other students from across North America and learn which of their seeds was and was not “primed.” The basis of this activity is to help scientists determine what seeds are best for long-term space travel. Student’s research will help contribute to the field of space travel in a very real way! If you are interested in being a part of this activity please follow the link below and register. It is recommended that you register ASAP as there are limited spots available.

SET Challenge Resources